Welcome to underwater hockey

So you have discovered underwater hockey and you would like to find out more?

We would like to welcome you to this exhilarating underwater sport, to help you find a team and get started. 


Welcome to the best game you’ll ever play while holding your breath and floating

Underwater hockey can be played by anyone who is able to swim and use a snorkel and mask. UWH is played all around the world and is enjoyed equally by male and female players of all ages. It is a non-contact sport and is because it is played in the water there is little or no stress on your joints when compared to land-based sports. Mixed teams are common in UWH and size is not really an advantage when agility, speed and the ability to play well in a team are the best attributes of a good Underwater Hockey player.  

We have put together some information below to help you to start playing underwater hockey and become actively involved in this exciting sport.

Follow these useful links to find out what you need.

The Brisbane Barracudas Underwater Hockey club looks forward to meeting you. 

Brisbane Barracudas Underwater Hockey Club

We hope that you enjoy this game as much as we do and are looking forward to seeing you at the bottom of the pool.


We will help you to master the skill of playing Underwater Hockey.

Join us at one of our have-a-go events where we introduce members of the public to the game of Underwater hockey. You can find out first-hand what the equipment looks and feels like. You can try it out for yourself and most importantly you can meet some of the people who regularly play Underwater Hockey.
The Brisbane Barracudas is a well established Hockey club with a strong membership and an active social network. We hold regular games at the Sleeman sports centre in Chandler and at the Musgrave Park Pool in South Brisbane. We also actively encourage and train new players to help them become proficient and enjoy the game to the best of their abilities.
Underwater hockey is a great way to get fit, meet like-minded people and participate in a fast-paced exciting team sport. 

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Brisbane Barracudas Underwater Hockey Club


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