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Just in case you were wondering

Every time we play a game of hockey the goals and other equipment mysteriously appears at the side of the pool and miraculously evaporate at the end of the game

The goals are stored in this room at the end of the pool where the divers practice

They are placed on this rack.

We call on all club members to become involved with the general housekeeping involved with setting up the game.

The following tasks need to be done every time we play

  • the goals need to be carried from storage before the start of the game
  • the goals need to be placed in position once we get into the water
  • the lane marking rope and suction cups need to be taken from the cage and installed
  • suction cups need to be installed behind the goals.
  • the cage needs to be fetched from storage
  • the appointed members need to designate the team configuration on the magnetic whiteboard
  • at the end of the game, all of the equipment needs to be removed from the water and returned to storage.

You may have noticed that the same few people are always left to do these tasks. This is everyone’s hockey club and we call on you all to become involved in whatever way you are able to help share the workload.

The goals are fairly heavy and need to handled carefully to avoid injuring anyone or damaging them so we call on the more robust members of the club to volunteer for this task. There are plenty of other tasks suited to younger players etc such as installing the marking ropes.

If you are not sure please ask a committee member and they will gladly show you how you can contribute.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for the record attendance levels we have experienced recently. Thank you and enjoy the games.

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