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Note: hockey times subject to change due to events and public holidays.

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Underwater hockey players of all level of skill are welcome to join us for a game at the Sleeman Aquatic Centre Chandler on the corner of Tilley and Old Cleveland Roads We meet every Monday and Thursday evening at 7.15 pm Hope to see you there

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What are the benefits of playing Underwater Hockey ?

What are the benefits of playing Underwater Hockey ?

In case you have been missing out Underwater hockey is a fast dynamic team sport that is played at clubs all over the world. As the name implies it is Hockey but you play it Underwater. Underwater Hockey (UWH) attracts a diverse range of players including but not limited to people who actively participate in other aquatic activities such as spearfishing, scuba diving, free diving, swimming and water polo . Joining your local underwater club is a great way to connect with a dynamic group of people with healthy active lifestyles. UWH is played in the water and there is there is a big reduction in the amount of strain that your body is subjected to when compared to land-based sports such as football or hockey. For this reason, we have several players who started UWH because they had to give up their land-based sport due to injuries. UWH is played in most countries in the world and it is a great way to meet people when you are new in an area. You can follow this link to find details on all the clubs in Queensland or you can follow this link for details on most of the clubs all over the world in the Underwater Hockey Directory Wherever you find a hockey club you will find an active diverse group of players. Last but by no means least You will be hard pressed to find a sport that will give you a better cardiovascular workout without placing a major strain on your body. If you are interested in Playing Underwater Hockey you can find the Brisbane Barracudas... read more
There will be no Chandler hockey next Monday, 3rd October

There will be no Chandler hockey next Monday, 3rd October

There will be no Chandler hockey next Monday, 3rd October     There will be no Chandler hockey next Monday, 3rd October due to it being a public holiday. If you still need a hockey fix head to Morayfield on Tuesday or Palm Beach on Wednesday. Normal Chandler hockey will resume on Thursday the 6th. Enjoy your long... read more

Brisbane underwater hockey web site upgrade

  Hi everyone  We have recently implemented some changes to our website. We are looking forward to keeping you posted on the latest events and developments at Brisbane Underwater Hockey. Please feel free to offer any constructive criticism or moral support where you can.... read more

Wollongong 4’s invite 2014

Wollongong 4’s is back in 2014. This pot luck underwater hockey comp will be held on Saturday 15th March. Wollongong 4s invite 2014 For more information, click the link and download the... read more

Ref Survey Results Are IN!!!!

Over the last month we asked about how we wanted refs to interact with our club. Below are the results: How often should we have refs? 50% said “Every night we play – refs in the pool”. 30% said “One night a week”. remainder was a mix of other options. When we have refereeing would you like the score to be kept for games? 65% said “No”. 35% said “Yes”. Would you support kickouts during a game? 77% said “Yes”. 23% said “No”. People who indicated they would referee in some capacity? 17 people said “Yes”. Summary of the results We want refs on a regular basis – 1 to 2 times a week We DO NOT want score keeping at social games We DO want kickouts in our refereed games Quite a number of people are willing to participate in refereeing. What happens next? Now that we have some indication of what we’d like for the club, I will be contacting those who put their hand up for refereeing and creating a roster for a 3 month period. We’ll see how it goes for the 12 weeks and then we’ll put another survey up (probably on the website this time) and we’ll examine how it went. So stay tuned, and watch out for a ref coming to a pool near you!!!... read more